My Writing on the Little Rock Slasher Was an Exploration of Policy, Violence, and Blackness

Despite what white people want you to think, it has been the state that has visited the most violence upon Black personhood.

A Black woman wearing an “I Can’t Breath” t-shirt during a #blacklivesmatter protest in Little Rock. Source: Neiman Reports.

It is terribly boring to have to say it — again — but it is the White flight and not the Black arrival that alters, or demolishes, property values…A Black neighborhood is a “high-risk” area because it is Black and because the bulk of the population is trapped there.

James Baldwin, the Prophet, on the phone. Source: New Yorker.

I write for me and us, not y’all. The founder of Established in 1865, a platform dedicated to exploring Black personhood. I Tweet @Established1865. #weoc

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