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Welcome to my Launch page! I’m Hal H.Harris, a small-time writer trying to make it to the medium-time (get it?) and the finalist in the Work category for the first Medium Creators Challenge. I write to explore Black personhood. How do Black people live and love in the West, a…

The Thoughts Between Stories

On being a drum major for justice, bok choy, freedom based on unfreedom, and Blackness.

Tomorrow is when white people reduce one of the most outstanding Americans into a soundbite.

In a political climate where Republicans in statehouses and local school boards are passing memory laws, conservative white people will quote their favorite snippet from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech…

The Thoughts Between Stories

On 1000 followers, “Magic,” community, and Blackness.

I hit a milestone on this site over the weekend and amassed 1,000 followers.

It came quietly, as I was working on drafting my latest longform due this week. I came to Medium after years of blogging silently on the Established in 1865 URL that I myself own. I never…

There is no mobilization. There is no help coming. We are all that we have.

A cough is an invader. It conquers your lungs with involuntary spasms; it colonizes your esophagus as it pushes out air and mucus; it forces your mouth open with heckles and fits; it finally takes over the air in the room you sit in — particularly if the cough is…

The Thoughts Between Stories

On a year of Black stories, my hopes for next year, and Blackness.

Note: this is the final edition of Black on Both Sides for 2021. I will resume the column on the week of January 2nd, 2022.

I started the year jubilant and ended it with a deep sense of crisis.

GEN published my first story of 2021, Black America, Take Your…

The conservative white justices of the Court falsely link abortion to the sins of segregation to justify ignoring precedent. They are as shameless as the president who empowered them.

On December 1st, 2021, white men evoked the freedom struggles of Black personhood to justify taking away women’s control over their bodies.

“I would say that in its dissent in Plessy versus Ferguson, Justice Harlan emphasized that there is no caste system here,” Mississippi’s solicitor general Scott Stewart concluded during…

Thank you for writing this, Toni. My follower count jumped from the 600s to the high 900s after my victory. The money helped defray the cost of my son's daycare. I still am waiting and hoping for the book deal to appear after winning the contest. …

The Thoughts Between Stories

On Megan Pete graduating college, the community that produced her, and Blackness.

Megan Pete, Bachelors of Science in health administration from Texas Southern University.

Megan Thee Stallion, rap superstar and the current Queen of Houston, completed one of her life goals and graduated from college. Hotties all over the world livestreamed the event to watch Meg cross the stage. …

The show openly discusses many -isms except for racism to the narrative detriment of the show.

In Ted Lasso’s Christmas episode, a substitution of goat for a more palatable white meat encapsulates the show’s attitudes toward Blackness.

In “Carol of the Bells”, one of AFC Richmond’s defenders Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh) takes up the invitation of the soccer team’s director of communications, Leslie Higgins, to join…

The Thoughts Between Stories

On Rihanna being bred every year, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Travis Scott, and Blackness.

This week, Rihanna was honored as the first hero of the world’s newest republic, Barbados.

Days later, the Internet swilled with the latest rumors regarding her uterus. Many gossip sites speculated that Rihanna was pregnant with a possible lovechild from her latest paramour, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky. Riri was quick…

Hal H. Harris

Black on both sides. Medium Writers Challenge Winner. The founder of Established in 1865. I Tweet @Established1865. E-mail is

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